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Grasshopper Kiosks Releases New Technology To Modernize Cannabis Sales And Distribution

Grasshopper Kiosks Releases New Technology To Modernize Cannabis Sales And Distribution

by Emily Jed

OAKLAND, CA -- New from Grasshopper Kiosks are ADA-compliant vending machines designed to provide secure storage and dispensing for cannabis products.

Grasshopper said its vending machines work in accordance with regulations in legal cannabis markets throughout the world. They are equipped with climate-controlled storage systems, and offer compliant automated inventory and payment tracking to streamline transaction times. They're also programmed to collect real-time data about inventory and sales. 

The Grasshopper machine line includes a model that can dispense up to 60 SKUs; it has a large high-definition touchscreen menu. Dispensaries can use the screen to promote flowers, concentrates, accessories and vaporizers, among other products.

Items are dispensed via proprietary tracking software designed to interface with the industry's leading compliant POS systems, as required in the regulated cannabis industry.

Grasshopper chief executive Martin Kaufman has more than a decade of experience operating in the legal cannabis market and is the cofounder of Blüm, the first publicly traded dispensary chain and IVXX, a national premium cannabis brand.

California is the sixth largest economy in the world and its legal cannabis market is a rapidly expanding, multibillion dollar business, according to Kaufman.

"Legal dispensaries are hustling to prepare for increased demand in 2018 when the sale and responsible adult use of cannabis becomes legal," Kaufman said. "We're excited to offer these tools to our industry peers, designed to help them keep up with ever-evolving regulations and increased competition."

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