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Cultivating the cannabis industry. The companies we work with do more than make money. They keep us at the cutting edge of our industry.



One of the nation’s largest seed-to-shelf cannabis producers and distributors.

The 150+ employee Santa Rosa, California company behind three of the cannabis industry’s most well-known brands: AbsoluteXtracts, Care by Design and Satori Chocolates. CannaCraft manufactures and sells hundreds of unique products, including vape cartridges, infused chocolates, sublingual sprays and drops, topicals, gel capsules, and more.


The world’s biggest cannabis brand.

No other company better represents the intersection of culture and cannabis than Cookies; known worldwide for its legendary genetics. Cookies remains the industry’s benchmark.

Cookies Inc.

Downtown Oakland’s destination dispensary.

Located across from the legendary Fox Theater and walking distance from Pandora, Square, Kaiser, City Center, and City Hall. This flagship dispensary and vape lounge is set to open in Q2 2019—and is already generating a buzz in Downtown Oakland.

Core Security/Core Transportation

Critical elements of risk management.

Protecting some of the industry’s biggest assets and companies by providing uniformed armed security services including executive protection, investigations and guard service. Core also transports cannabis products and proceeds via armored transport vehicles.


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Coyote Hills

A spectacular, 157-acre estate nestled Santa Barbara County.

The permitting process is underway for cannabis and hemp production 32 acres.

Edgewater Consultants cannabis real estate development

Edgewater Consultants

Industry-focused real estate financing, development and asset management.

A specialized team devoted to meeting the unique real estate and property management needs of our industry. Edgewater Consultants specializes in helping property owners and cannabis companies navigate local and state permitting processes. Managed assets include a 210,000 square-foot industrial cannabis campus that’s home to some of California’s industries biggest brands.

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Edgewater Gardens

State-of-the-art cannabis cultivation.

Our 45,000 square-foot facility in Oakland, California features an 800-light garden and produces top-quality cannabis for leading brands including Cookies, Lemonnade, and Runtz.

Grasshopper Kiosks

The industry’s only automated vending machine solution.

Fast, user-friendly, fully-compliant direct-to-consumer transactions. Every kiosk features automated inventory tracking, real-time data collection and seamless integration with existing point-of-sale software.


Guild Extracts

The art and science of cannabis extraction.

Guild uses cutting-edge science to create award-winning concentrates. Their pioneering, proprietary extraction methods made them the first to create THC-A isolate, among many other industry breakthroughs. Guild continues to advance hydrocarbon extraction techniques that continually set the standard for the industry.

Highland Events

Cannabis concessions, activations and sponsorships.

As America’s first licensed cannabis concessionaire, Highland Events’ unique expertise in regulations, compliance and event management make us the leader in bringing perfectly curated cannabis experiences and concessions to music events, festivals, concerts and venues.

Mesh Ventures

Private cannabis investment fund.

MKSI founder Martin Kaufman leads Mesh Ventures - making strategic investments across the cannabis supply chain. Current holdings include:

  • Backbone Software

  • Form Factory

  • Gesundheit

  • Lemonnade

  • Mesh Brands

  • Pure Concentrates


  • And others


Advancing the science and research of hemp extracts and terpenes.

Working to support human endocannabinoid function by creating innovative, proprietary consumer product lines derived from biologically active extracts found primarily in hemp.


MFN Oil Co. ethanol cannabinoid terpene extraction

MFN Oil Co

Cutting-edge ethanol extraction at scale.

MKSI partnered with leading engineers, extractors and operators to provide proprietary ethanol refinery services for large-scale cannabinoid and terpene extraction. Together we developed the first outdoor refinery-scale ethanol production facilities at Humboldt’s historic One Log property— serving one of the world’s most prolific cultivation regions.

SK Builders

Commercial construction for the cannabis industry.

Superior construction services and management offering broad experience and understanding of the specialized needs of our industry, including: land-use, architectural services, building services, design/build construction and expediting. The SK Builders team has designed and built projects including Edgewater Drive Productions’ 45,000 square-foot indoor cultivation site, all the Blüm dispensaries and numerous cultivation facilities owned by Terra Tech Corp.

THC Farms cannabis flower production


Connoisseur-grade greenhouse flower production.

This 450,000 square-foot automated flower greenhouse and production nursery in Los Alamos, CA cultivates premium quality cannabis for many of the nation’s top brands. THC Farms supports many of the region’s largest cultivators with a nursery capable of turning out over 10,000 clones per day.



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In the challenging regulatory environment of 2011, Ibrahim and Kaufman founded Blüm a beloved neighborhood dispensary that grew to become a $14 million annual operation, serving over 1,000 patients a day.

Over the course of five years, Blüm scaled to become California's first onsite vertically-integrated cannabis cultivation, production and retail operation. In 2016, Ibrahim and Kaufman sold Blüm for over $50 million to TerraTech, Inc., an Irvine-based company known for selling hydroponically grown produce to grocery stores. This trailblazing deal launched America’s first publicly-traded cannabis company on the OTCQX—and paved the way for other cannabis entrepreneurs to do the same. Read the press release.


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